Heirloom Quality Albums

Album Features and Options

When you purchase an album from Andy Hastings Photography, it is bound with the special care and distinctive features that have become the standard of heirloom quality. Albums can be customized with options for an even more distinctive presentation.

Meticulous page finishing: The pages have gilded edges and rounded corners

Lie-flat pages and non-warping: Photos are mounted as a full panoramic image (for sizes up to 12×12) or with a barely noticeable gap 1/16” so pages lie flat when the book is opened.  Other book makers use a folded page which may discolor over time.

Leather Covers: Choose from 4 different types of leather – Standard, Glove, Distressed or Napa in a wide variety of colors, to set just the right tone.

Cameo Covers: Set albums apart with a front cover cameo. Highlight a favorite image and spark interest by displaying a print recessed into the leather cover.

All albums are available in 8 x 8, 10 x 10, or 12 x 12.

Contact me for further information about your album.